Let me introduce you to Half Empty Glass.

Why am I doing this? What will I write about?

I’ve been following some cool bloggers lately like Tim UrbanThomas Frank and Jamie Wright to name a few. While I was going through their blogs I realized, “Hey even I can do this!” (and so can you! if you’re as jobless as I’m).

I will write about shit which we should care about. You may call it ranting because i swear a lot (a lot!) but trust me I’m equally geeky- I will scavenge articles and books and come up with something we (all of us) would like to read about.

I’m writing this for myself,not for you-but you’ll still love it. The views expressed here are totally biased (these are my views) and I always think there is more to something than meets the eye- so i want to call this place my half empty glass!