Big girl you are beautiful!

I adore some girls and often idolize some of them.  Meet my favorites

Dita Von Tesse

Usually I’m sober when I blog here but today has been a struggle. I don’t know why it’s so much difficult to put my thoughts into words today. This post is a hush hush of all the different things going on in my mind right now.

For today my motto is write drunk, edit sober.

Best Dita Von Tesse Burlesque

This video will grab your attention like a magnet is attracted to iron. Yes, I can describe it in one word- Vivacious!

What’s the whole point in talking about Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Tesse? Well for starters we should be inspired by female personalities because of their femininity. Why do we always talk about Teresa or Thatcher? The one thing which differentiates males from females is their femininity.

No by femininity I don’t mean timidity or gullibility. (Do you want me to start about Thatcher?) Femininity is kind of a super power and it has so many attributes that we can’t truly grasp all of it at one time. Here is where I want to stop. Right here.

When we want to set examples of strong women in front of our young girls we never celebrate their femininity- yes the power that can melt someone’s heart and can stop and make someone wonder in awe! I really can’t describe this super power of theirs but I know it’s a very special power. The power that often heals hearts if treated carefully.

I don’t know why do we have this gender thing in this first place- why is it such a big deal to be a male or a female or something other than that. It’s simply so senseless! So fucking senseless!

Adam thrust the guilt of original sin upon Eve, saying that she persuaded him. This whole taboo about- anything that gets people sexually excited is wrong– is so deeply ingrained in our society since ages. We (including our forefathers) have been brought up in such a way that women have always been suppressed and their rights violated. The whole lot of trash just because we can’t confront their femininity.  Why do some women still have to wear the hijab?

In this oddball nonsensical drama there are a few who stood out and that’s why I am talking about them. This is quote says it all-

dvt 3

Okay? Get it?

But it’s still not over- this is not where my concern ends. I really want to inquire how many boys have a woman role model? Like, him saying I want to be like her when I grow up.

Listen, I am stressing on two points here ( I have underlined them but I don’t know how many will actually pay attention)-

  • anything that gets you (male/female/other) sexually excited is wrong- is WRONG
  • him saying i want to be like her when i grow up

I can’t say anything further about it because I don’t know anything more about it. I just know what I love and in my angst and anger towards how our society sees women I’m just ranting along- hoping it will all add up somewhere.

I have already given you the link to Dita’s burlesque in this post. Some other women I admire are the ballerinas- You should definitely watch this four minute video En Pointe!

Also, watch this video to see two lovely ladies- Linda Spilker and Joan Stupik.(Jump on to 19:58 and 26:40 to see them!). Also, I have downloaded Bettie Page reveals all and will enjoy my weekend.

See you!





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