Nothing is certain. We lead a charmed life.

“He (Feynman) is the guy who preferred clarity to profundity, questions to answers- the hunt, to the trophy on the wall.”- from ‘Perfectly reasonable deviations from the beaten track’ (the letters of Richard Feynman).

If Feynman was here today he’d still be the same guy. He’d still be one of us. He’d go on long walks with his friends, give lectures on Physics and casually entertain media with his quirks and the best part is- he’d want it no other way. That’s the most pleasant thing about this person, he understands the magnanimity of our universe, he has captured the infinite in his imagination and he knows how insignificant our lives are.

I wasn’t just goofing around when I threw ‘Apophenia’ at you guys (in the prologue to this post). We do have a tendency to make sense out of everything. Somehow, we cannot comprehend the loose ends; somehow, we cannot live with unanswered questions.

Feynman could grasp this reality from his perception of Science, he has said, “In Physics, the truth is rarely clear and that is certainly universally the case in human affairs. Hence, what is not surrounded by uncertainty can’t be the truth.” Most of us are Chicken little when it comes to dealing with uncertainty- “The sky is falling!!!” and our favorite scientist- “Keep hanging on though- as I say there is always a chance something will turn up. Nothing is certain. We lead a charmed life.”

That, my friend is beauty.




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